What is MICE? What Services Do MICE Companies Provide?

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You have probably seen the abbreviation MICE in event planning agencies, tourism agencies or on different platforms. In this article, you will be able to find out everything you wonder about MICE.

What is MICE?

MICE is an abbreviation made of the acronyms of words “Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions”. MICE can also be written as M.I.C.E. or MICE in various platforms.

MICE has a significant market share in the tourism and hospitality industry. MICE provides an important source of income to many hotels and resorts. Events in this market include meetings, seminars, conferences, awards ceremonies, fairs, exhibitions and other similar events, usually held for business or professional purposes, often with the participation of large groups.

The MICE industry offers job opportunities in technology, logistics, design and many other fields.

Traditionally, the term MICE mostly covers business events, but today, many organizers add entertainment elements to larger events, aiming to better engage attendees and create a more memorable experience.

A large part of global business trips and meetings are part of these events, as events are held regularly in almost every industry. The main purpose of these events is to strengthen connections, encourage new ideas, raise overall motivation and accelerate growth, often by bringing business professionals together.

What are MICE Components?

The MICE industry consists of four main types of events: meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (fairs). In the past, almost all of these activities used to be conducted face-to-face. However, in recent years, moving smaller meetings to virtual spaces has become increasingly popular. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for hybrid and virtual events has skyrocketed and has had a decisive impact on the MICE industry.

AGI Global Marketing Agency has also organized major Metaverse events along with the COVID-19 pandemic. Although interest in the metaverse is growing, the four main types of events are still largely in demand. We will provide more detailed explanations of these four main types of events.


Meetings are typically events that last for a day. These meetings can be held in venues such as conference halls in hotels or convention centers. The selection of these venues is usually determined by the number of participants. For example, when organizing meetings for the C-level executives of a large company, elegant and small meeting rooms are preferred, while for a brand’s meetings organized with its dealers, economical and large meeting rooms can be preferred.

The main purpose of these events is to bring people together to address challenges related to a company, industry or project, discuss plans and set goals. Food service is generally kept simple compared to other types of events and no entertainment program is offered.


  • Domestic & International Distributor Meetings
  • Corporate Travel Organizations
  • Promotional Travel and Meeting Organizations
  • Company Events

Incentives make up the entertainment part of the MICE industry. Companies can organize events for their staff, teams, partners or customers to motivate, appreciate and also build loyalty.

Incentives are usually group travels that include accommodation at a hotel, gala dinner, and entertainment activities. Businesses can motivate their employees or other affiliated organizations by offering incentives, which can help them perform better. Such events will also improve the company culture and increase the team spirit among the employees.


The main purpose of the conferences is to discuss the latest developments in the industry, discover new trends and share the ideas of different companies or individuals. Attendance rates are higher in conferences than in meetings.

Common activities at conferences are as follows:

  • Panels:Environments where a group of experts discuss a specific topic and share their new findings with the audience as a result of these discussions. In panels, moderators ask questions to ensure a good discussion flow, and they also take questions from the audience and allow experts to answer them.


  • Presentations:At public sector conferences, leaders are invited to present as guest speakers to share the latest trends and insights in their areas of expertise. Presentations are usually based on slides or other visual elements.
  • Speeches: Speeches, also known as keynotes, are usually given at the beginning or end of a conference. If the conference is just beginning, it is opened with a speech that welcomes the participants or thanks them for attending. If it is at the end of the conference, it is concluded with the closing speech by giving thanks again.

Exhibitions and Trade Fairs

Although it is referred to as “Events” in some sources, the last letter of MICE stands for “Exhibition”. Exhibitions and fairs are major events that attract thousands of visitors and exhibitors from all over the world. Fairs are generally industry-specific and have a well-defined target audience.

In exhibitions and trade shows, participants attend commercial fairs to showcase and promote their products or services, and to establish connections with potential partners.

  • Networking Events:Trade fairs include various events to create a network among participants. Here, participants come together to meet potential partners, make new collaborations and exchange ideas about current trends. In fact, in many events special tickets are sold for “networking” and a separate area is designated outside the main event space for this purpose.


  • Awards:In award ceremonies, industry leaders are honored for their achievements.
  • New Business Areas: Trade fairs are special events that are usually held to promote growth and innovation in participants’ own industries. Trade shows provide opportunities for newly established companies, such as visibility, financing, acquiring new customers, and job applications. Companies have the opportunity to promote their products and services to potential customers and business partners at these trade fairs.

Keep Up With The Latest Trends In The Meeting And Event Industry For The Success Of Your Events

Corporate events are an important part of the MICE industry and are organized to support the activities of companies. These events are an important tool for companies to achieve their goals, strengthen customer relations, increase brand image and collaborate.

By organizing corporate events in the MICE sector, AGI Global offers its business partners many opportunities to support their business activities. These events provide an ideal platform for your brand to showcase its products and services, connect with customers and its own business partners, and create new business opportunities. Therefore, corporate events in the MICE sector will help you improve your brand image by increasing your brand’s customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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