AGI Global and Link Digital are Sprinting Towards Growth in Global

AGI Global Marketing Agency

Our agency president, Ertunç Ererdi, was the guest of KobiEfor’s February issue.

During the pandemic period, Ertunç Ererdi discussed the changes in marketing, predictions for 2023 and 2024, the selection of agencies by businesses, and important parameters for brands. He also mentioned their future goals, saying “As of 2021, we also support the operations of global brands with our Europe-based company in the Netherlands.” With the process we started with our company in Europe; our biggest goal is to expand to different locations around the world. Our efforts to develop know-how in the services we provide within the framework of our agreements with local and global brands continue. We carry multiple hats.”

You may read the interview with Ertunç Ererdi, telling the story of AGI Global and LINK Digital: “Prioritizing continuous learning and continuous development, AGI Global and Link Digital are sprinting to grow globally. Our priority and mission is always; to be a follower of innovations and to keep up-to-date.” by clicking the link below.


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